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About Us

Our Story

We are Vee & Dee, two besties who embarked on a mission to shake up the mundane world of sunglasses, bringing you the perfect blend of style & sustainability.

Fed up with the status quo due to a world flooded with disposable fashion, we recognised the urgent need for change, we set out to create sunglasses that not only capture attention but also contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

We are proud creators of sunglasses that break free from the plastic norm and are handcrafted with precision & love, using quality sustainable materials to ensure you turn heads wherever you go.

Fashion Meets Sustainability

Our Mission

We're firm believers that fashion and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.
Having seen the impact of plastic pollution right in our backyard, we refused to be part of the problem. As an Aussie owned company we've committed ourselves to offer an alternative.
Our goal? To make the world not just stylish but also sustainable.
We want you to rock your style while knowing you're making a positive impact on planet Earth.

UV400 polarised lenses

A Style For Every Face

With LOVE-VEE sunglasses, you will not be just a fashion icon; you'll be a fashion icon with a heart for the planet.
We believe that fashion should be an inclusive playground, where everyone gets to strut their stuff. That's why our collection caters to all face shapes and sizes. Whether you crave the classic allure of aviators or the trendy vibes of a cat-eye, we've got you covered.

Giving Back To The Planet


We're more than just sunglasses; we're a thriving community of style mavens and environmental enthusiasts, united by a common goal: making the world a better place.
When you choose us, you're not merely snagging a pair of sunnies; you're becoming part of a movement.
With every purchase, we're planting a tree, giving back to Mother Earth. #Buy1Plant1

Doing good never looked this good!



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